I craft experiences humans
value for ambitious startups

As an architect of experiences & design strategist, I aim to bridge the rift between strategy imagined & strategy achieved. By aligning the goals of businesses to the needs and intentions of their customers, I help brands succeed in a digital culture.


Nurturing Integrity
Through Social Media

While working on Mobber, a digital safe space, providing a warm home for everyone to showcase their individuality– I created a cohesive experience built to safeguard individuals from cyberbullying, unrelenting judgment, and an on slot of peer pressure. From managing the entire product design process, user research, and streamlining the "cyberbuddy" experience by crafting layouts and exploring machine learning techniques to help better remedy user pain points.


Where Deeper Conversations Begin and Small Talk Ends

Helping create a catalyst for deeper connections and enriched conversations with Candid. Tackling everything from field interviews,  discovery, design exploration, and language foundation, as well as design strategy we aimed to achieve the overarching objective to create a responsive environment that was welcoming, minimalistic and simple to use. The goal, to bring people together, evoke the sharing or thoughts and stories, shatter boundaries, challenge assumptions,  and ultimately inspire people to create deeper connections.


Putting Playlists
Where You Want Them

I had the opportunity to work directly with the SongShift team on an iOS 11 update including feature prioritization, user experience improvements, interface and interaction exploration and design. The outcome was enhanced usage clarity, streamlined onboarding, and a new polished design aesthetic.

Some thoughts

What awesome humans had to say

Helping other solve real world problems small or large and bringing a bit of joy to the lives of humans is the best accolade one could want.

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"Through great design choices, André helped bring a new level of polish to SongShift. After giving him a breakdown of what our app did, he was able to quickly start mocking up UI/UX. André is very talented and dedicated to his work. I would be more than happy to work with him in future projects."

Carlos Perez
CP Digital Darkroom

"André was an essential asset to my project & I would recommend him to anyone seeking professional design. After showing my app's initial designs & giving a brief overview of what I wanted to change he delivered in a timely manner, adding a more professional cleaner look to the interface. Working with him I got creativity, professionalism & quick understanding of what I was looking for. He was also great at communicating & suggesting ideas of his own."

Darrell Smith
Flaksbury St. Magazine, Mobiledey Power &  More

"WOW, this is more than I expected... I f*ck with that! I love your style!"

Wesley Rose
Wesley Rose Photography, Lost Artistry

“It’s clear you have a natural gift for design.”

Chris Abad
Desk.com, Campaign Monitor & More

“Great designs, really clean & intuitive work.”

Jason Putorti
Mint, AngelList & More