A bit about me.

I've been called many things in my life, and of all fastidious might just be one of the more accurate adjectives. I grew up in a military family, so it's not surprising to me that finding order in things comes second nature nowadays as well as understanding the need for structure and creating habits all be it in abstract terms. Queue the inclination towards producing functional, minimal, and human-centric solutions... truth is I began building things at a very young age, my mother  still tells stories of how I would take apart my toys to study how they worked then put them back together; this was my way of playing with toys I suppose haha. I discovered that I enjoyed analyzing things and humans alike on a deeper level during my pre-teen years which fueled my desire to conceive ideas that could transform the understandings I obtain into experiences others could derive joy from and well I have been doing so passionately in one form or another ever since.

Over the years this manifested through traditional art, musical productions,  print work and eventually evolved into the realm of technology, conceiving my first digital/mobile product over ten years ago. Since I have been fortunate enough to have helped great brands and startups solve complex problems while indulging in some side-projects along the way.

Now if I’m not transforming ideas into products or the like, you may find me chirping out 280 characters give or take over on Twitter, plotting, planning, tracking, or just writing a bit of poetry with Notion, perfecting my jump shot over at Dribbble, listening to tunes and podcast via Spotify or capturing and sharing snapshots by the Gram.

Music feeds the soul, or so I'm told.

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