Your friendly neighborhood, Androidian.

Hello. I'm André Givenchy, an independent Product Strategist, and Designer. I'm the otherworld(er) in any setting. Odds are I'll leave an impression solely by the way my mind works. Amazing humans have summed me up with statements such as, "You're a very out-of-the-box, unbiased, and holistic thinker." and "You have a different and unique thought process,  a naturally inquisitive mind always seeking to know how things work on a fundamental level." But hey now, don't let my beautiful mind scare you off. In the end, I'm just your amazingly easy-going, tech-loving alchemist of meaningful experiences. I like creating and problem-solving, all while rocking a classic black tee and pants. Just slide me a cold glass of homemade sweet tea, and I'm game to help solve any problem big or small. Oh, and if you're the nerdy type, it's been said that I'm an omnivert by nature. So my extroversion tends to shines through when business is the context, and passionate people are the team around me. Otherwise, I'm off somewhere in my spaceship doing my own thing amongst the stars.

Over a decade.

Recently, I've been mentoring budding designers, coaching, and consulting for ambitious individuals and companies — helping them close six-figure deals. Over the last decade, I've helped build and scale a handful of online businesses. I've worked and collaborated with design teams to deliver products to hundreds of millions of users. I've had the opportunity to work with amazing companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Houzz, to name a few.

Mission possible.

My greatest pleasure comes from helping others live the best life possible or merely helping others grow into the humans they were meant to be. Thus my mission, to help create and be a cause of a better future. Rather than just a result of the past.So remember, the only multiplier for success and failure is time — It will give you what you feed it. So why not allow it to binge on positivity instead of doubt, fear, or uncertainties. We are all bred to be what we will be. Our only job is to trust the process and live happily and fully. Our minds are either our salvation or our prison, but the beautiful thing is we can choose salvation.

It's true what they say, music feeds the soul.

I  began my design career at age 14. You see, I was a young recording artist. One that didn't want to depend on others to design my album art, marketing collateral, digital assets, websites, etc. So, I taught myself everything I could, the rest is history. Now instead of making my own music, I share my musical tastes with others. Go ahead, take a listen — you might just find something you like.

Listen to blvd.

Listen to ave.

Listen to ln.

Listen to Tr.

Recent abstractions.

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