Here's to the unique ones.

Being a perceptive person with a borderline obsession of watching people (not in a creepy stalker way or anything of course…) and studying the way individuals react to others as well as situations in their day-to-day lives - I've come to notice that there are very few truly and genuinely unique people these days. Now I know that to be truly unique one must be able to accept and be completely comfortable with who we are before any inner authenticity can ever begin to shine outward into the world. This starts at the very core of our being such as beliefs, values and morals to the way we express ourselves from our fashion sense, personal interests and living styles. The trouble with someone being undoubtedly comfortable in their own skin is that it requires not only self-confidence but courage as well. One must be willing to risk looking or feeling out of place, combating skepticism, going against societal norms. trends, peer pressures, and the persistent perpetual hand pushing us to conform. These forces can ultimately push us into a life built upon a masquerade of facade after facade versus living life without truest internal self displayed proudly externally for all to see.

Don't get me wrong in a sense being truly unique is hard work these days. See what I mean is that it isn't easy to fully accept one's self on many occasions however when accomplished life, in essence, becomes easier, less stressful and pressureless. To become the truly unique person that lies within all of us we mustn't be fearful when divulging our honest opinions despite the negative or unwanted reactions we might receive due to opposition or difference of views. Furthermore, we must choose to embarrass, learn to appreciate, and be proud of the traits that make us special, bestow upon us a unique characteristic, and make us stand out from the masses.

In addition to the previously stated I believe truly unique individuals possess an array of the following attributes:

  • They can effectively absorb advice but only apply or act on it only after determining within themselves if its the best for them despite outside influence to the contrary.
  • Often possess unique quirks, habits and traditions (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) while accepting and allowing those they surround themselves to be who they are in the same sense.
  • Always look below the surface for deeper more substantial information to understand the actions, words, and feelings of others. 
  • Hold experiences, relationships, knowledge, and wisdom to a higher worth than material possessions
  • Are able to approach any situation with a forward mindset. Whether the predicament is positive or negative and find happiness by themselves with themselves.
  • Tend to be nonjudgemental. Aim to see through/look past facades and finding beauty within things that most may pay little to no attention.
  • They take responsibility for any and all of their actions. Carry themselves with great confidence due to their transparency and lack of concern towards negative presumption or conclusions peers may formulate.
  • Genuinely value others growth as much as their own. Harbor no negative feelings or wish bad fortune upon anyone.

These are the makings of a truly unique individual in my opinion. If you haven't figured out yet, I just described an individual that we are all more than capable of being. All we have to do is cast fear to the wind and embrace who we truly are. So ask yourself do you want to play is "safe" (stay average forever) or be truly unique? I know which I'd choose, how about you...

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